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One of these things is not like the other… or is it?

Originally Posted: February 2012

Does this:

Go with this?


Current tradition, and/or stigma would dictate a resounding no. But the 2012 Super Bowl commercials say otherwise.

Composers Beethoven, Rossini and Bach were featured- likely without the knowledge of the 114 million viewers. The pieces included as the background music for the famous ads are recognizable: Beethoven's 5th, Rossin's Overture to the The Barber of Seville, even film composer John Williams' Imperial March from Star Wars.

The similarities between the athleticism of football and classical music don't end with the ads.
The typical themes of grueling practice, delayed gratification, stressful performances and incredible highs further link the not-so-different worlds.

Many of the CSO Musicians are avid sports players- including soccer, tennis, golf, and many marathon runners and yogis.

What's your link between sports and music? Does classical music or sport perpetuate throughout your life? Do you see any overlap?
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