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Instrumental Music Initiative at Northwest School of the Arts

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The Symphony partners with Northwest School of the Arts to provide coaching sessions and master classes for the school's instrumental ensembles. TheInstrumental Music Initiative at Northwest features a class for advanced musicians entitled "Recital Seminar." This course was designed specifically to provide students with an opportunity to experience the preparation and performance techniques required in a chamber ensemble setting.

According to the instrumental music faculty at Northwest School of the Arts, "Exposing our students to career musicians through instrumental music coaching helps students link what they do in the classroom with the world of careers and music opportunities." The symphony musicians who dedicate their time to Northwest provide a valuable element to the classroom by providing their expertise not only in regard to proper technique and musicianship, but also through their experience as professionals in the musical field.

This program provides opportunities for growth not only for the students, but also for the coaches: "Answering questions and working with the students keeps our artistic lives focused and sharpened, therefore keeping our standards high while out in the community," says violin coach Susan Blumberg, who has been a part of the Instrumental Music Initiative at Northwest for five years.

Thomas Burge, who works with the program as a brass coach claims, "The most important work we do as musicians, both for the future of the musical world, and the future of community is to inspire young people to devote their energies to artistic pursuits. The work that I do through the Instrumental Music Initiative at Northwest School of the Arts ... utilizes all the schools I have as a musician and teacher, right where they are needed most."

The "Recital Seminar" chamber ensembles will hold their Spring concert at 3 pm on May 5, 2013. The program hopes to continue building on its past growth and success in the 2013-14 school year, with plans to premiere a new composition by acclaimed composer, Dan Locklair.

Written by Kristen Freeman, CSO Intern

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