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Onstage Seating at Firebird!

This Friday and Saturday, you can experience the Charlotte Symphony in a whole new way. We will offer a limited number of seats situated on risers behind the orchestra on the Belk Theater stage. Tickets for Firebird! are only $29 (or $14 for students and young people 25 and under.)
Last season, we offered onstage seating for Beethoven's Fifth and Jenni Lough Watson posted this on our Facebook page...

"This past Friday night, I, along with my Medical Alert Service Dog, Duse had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend ON STAGE the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra's Performance of Beethoven. I was astounded to see the turnout for Beethoven. In today's economy, we cannot afford to lose sight of the arts. The arts are what keep us grounded, and guided, and "guilty" of communicating all things non verbal. These are the bridges that will take us where we need to be in the future.

As a musician, one typically relates a performance to the quality of acoustics which support the accuracy presented in a piece. In my nearly 25 years of performing, the acoustics in the Blumenthal Theatre were some of the best I have experienced. Being on stage was like a personal reinvention of my musical career as a young trumpet player I felt as if I were actually a part of the piece, only with a much more in-depth perspective. There were times throughout the performance that I wondered, given the intertwining of sounds and visual stimuli; "Had the audience blended with the orchestra to the point of inseparable measure?" I believe that the opportunity I had to sit on stage with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra has given me a piece of my career I may never have experienced before.

As a Canine Behavior Consultant, I enjoy learning about the origin of value. How are life experiences valued? How can we improve upon the value of today to ensure our success for tomorrow? Through the years I have learned that the origin of value in canine behavior has its share of parallels to the origin of value in music. Non verbal communications have a history of adding value to life; truth is these value-factors originate from mere interpretations most of which are interpreted at face value. Body language is essential for face value interpretations, and the opportunity to watch Christopher Warren-Green's facial expressions made my interpretation of the music even more valuable to experience. You could literally see his teamwork approach to conducting the group leadership at its best!

From the on-stage perspective, you could tell where the "guts" of the orchestra were originating throughout the music and the audience's reaction to these musical elevations.  I must add an additional experience that I simply was not expecting. Back stage, there were vibrations of communication, and they were not what you would expect from a Symphonic Orchestra. The genuine care and compassion of the musicians awaiting their entrance on stage shined through as they greeted us just off the stairs. Vibrations of mingled discussions regarding dogs being on stage filled the air off stage.

It was obvious to me if you take the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra at face value they genuinely care about the community they serve. Personally, the whole experience both on and off stage gave us cold chills from our heads to our 'tails.'"

Call 704.972.2000 to purchase onstage tickets to Firebird! featuring Borodin Prince Igor Overture, Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5, and Stravinsky Firebird Suite. Christopher Warren-Green conducts. Calin Lupanu solos on violin.
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Originally Posted :September 2011

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Capriccio Espagnol
SARASATE Carmen Fantasy
DE FALLA Three Cornered Hat
RAVEL Bolero

This weekend's program features sassy, sumptuous selections, all with a Spanish theme.
Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnol, featuring CSO concertmaster Calin Lupanu, is a sprightly, vivacious piece based on Spanish folk melodies. The piece was featured in the opening credits of the 1935 movie The Devil is a Woman.

The Devil is a Woman
Also showcasing concertmaster Lupanu, Sarasate's Gypsy Airs and Carmen Fantasy are considered two of the most challenging pieces for the violin. Sarasate himself was a violinist, of whom colleague George Bernard Shaw said "he left criticism gasping miles behind him." Sarasate's fiery, fearless style influenced the violin school greatly and continues today.

Itzhak Perlman plays Sarasate\'s Zigeunerweisen \"Gypsy Airs\"

 "For 37 years I've practiced 14 hours a day and now they call me a genius." -Pablo Sarasate

In case you've missed it, check out the CSO Facebook and Twitter Bolero video countown, in honor of the finale.

Ravel's most famous work, Bolero is a Spanish style of dance that originated in the 18th century. Danced either solo or with a couple, a Bolero is in 3/4 time and of a moderate tempo. With a much more contained nature than the Sarasate pieces, the fire of this danza quietly simmers before it boils.

These impassioned, spirited works are distinctly Spanish, with all the verve and warmth therein. Join us this weekend for ¬°Bolero!
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