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Why the Symphony?

After a successful first weekend season opener, the Charlotte Symphony is back for another dynamic, exciting season. For 80 seasons, this ensemble has sought to provide Charlotte with artistic excellence of a superior quality, and this year is no different.  From Kenny G to Carmina Burana, Bearden collages to Broadway Divas, Mendelssohn to Michael Jackson, the musical offerings are varied and thought-provoking. Nearly every weekend from September through May, this group of world-class musicians will be performing music from psychedelic rock to smooth jazz to film scores.

What role do the arts play in your life?  

Is your artistic intake dependent on your favorite radio station, or are you a live music junkie? Are you a weekend art gallery sleuth or a garage band rock star? Does the thought of a concert hall excite you or make you want to run to the nearest sports bar? Do you find arts events stiff and old fashioned, or innovative and inspiring?

Or, do your interests lie somewhere in between?

Well, for arts aficionados and agnostics alike, this year the Symphony has something for everyone. From the family-friendly Lollipops series to the incredibly diverse Pops (this year's lineup includes Kenny G, the film music of John Williams, Cirque de la Symphonie, and Michael Jackson) to the extraordinary showcased pieces of the Classics series, the Symphony can meet the needs of every listener, especially those willing to sample new styles.

Not convinced?

"Well... I'm more of a jeans and tee shirts kind of guy. On the weekends, I just want to kick back and relax."
Absolutely. We get it. That's why there's no dress code for any of our concerts, and you'll see everything from Gucci to Gap.

"But the Symphony is so old-fashioned! I mean, my grandma goes and that's just really not my scene. Maybe when I'm 60."
Pink Floyd? Michael Jackson? Cirque de la Symphonie? Broadway Divas? Many of the programs have very current music, accessible to all generations. Plus, give grandma some credit- she's had years of experience to decide what's worth listening to.

"I like the Symphony and I'm a huge arts fan, there's just so much to do in Charlotte and it's hard for me to choose!"
That's why there's the upcoming Tchaikovsky Festival, in Spring 2012, with collaborations between the North Carolina Dance Theatre, Opera Carolina, and the Symphony. Also, for visual arts lovers, there will be works of Charlotte artist Romare Bearden displayed at our first KnightSounds concert.

Every single decision from the Symphony, from programs and marketing to education and outreach are all crafted with the message to audiences, "the symphony is for you!" This is Charlotte's organization, a jewel in the crown of the Queen City, and one that Charlotteans should stand up for with pride.

See you at the Symphony!

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