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The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra’s Carnivale

May 8, 2014

Carnivale comes to the Queen City with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra's performance of Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals" and an excerpt from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" on May 9th at 7:30 p.m. in the Knight Theater. Tickets are $29 and include a free drink. A shortened matinee version will be performed at 12 p.m. that day for $12, and audience members are encouraged to bring their own lunch. Christopher Warren-Green will conduct both the evening and matinee performances.

Brown Bag Matinees are a new initiative of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra developed from feedback from Charlotteans about the desire for more matinee shows. Warren-Green says, "To actually be able to have a break at lunchtime and let music wash over them was a perfect idea." But  instead of making Charlotteans choose between eating and an early matinee, Warren-Green invented the Brown Bag Matinee, a program in which people can bring food and drink inside the theater. "All I want to do is make the make music as accessible as it possibly can be for as many people as we possibly can," Warren-Green says. "That's really where it came about. This is a way of getting the music to people on their terms."

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