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Bairos Takes Best Supporting Musician Honors Conducting Score of Chaplin's City Lights

Apr 25, 2014

Unless you've already seen Charlie Chaplin's City Lights, the 1931 comedy's universally acknowledged status as an adored masterpiece may have served as the only barrier to your already knowing just how hilarious the film really is. My own excuse is lamer than that: I thought I'd seen City Lights many years ago. I also thought I was going to Belk Theater to see what the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra playing Chaplin's original score added to the experience in the final pops concert of the 2013-14 season. Even if I had seen City Lights before, I'd probably have been laughing too hard to render a sober, precisely calibrated judgment. Chaplin's filmmaking is so damn good, his exploits as a comedian so damn funny, that it's easy, for long stretches, to ignore how perfectly his musical score meshes with the action of his screenplay.

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