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Music and the Holocaust

Grades: 6 - Adult
Duration: 1 hour

Music and the Holocaust is a themed, narrated program with live performances by a CSO ensemble of significant music during this period in history. Through the music of its era, audiences will learn about Jewish culture and the horrors of the Holocaust. The repertoire features a mix of traditional Jewish and Klezmer music; forbidden music considered "degenerate" by the Nazis; music composed in the concentration camps; and music that evokes survival and healing after the Holocaust. Each concert includes narration and projected images that explore pre-World War II Jewish culture; the Third Reich's attempt to control art and culture; the role of music and musicians in the concentration camps; and how the European Jewish community refused to be silenced and persevered after the war.


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Music and the Holocaust peformances are 45 minutes in length with fees determined by the size of the ensemble and number of shows. 
We are able to offer a discount on back-to-back performances as long as both shows start and finish within two hours of the scheduled start time of the first show.

Performance Fees:
$600 for an invidual performance
$900 for back-to-back

*Schools/Organizations outside of Mecklenburg County are subject to additional travel costs

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  • 2 microphones: for narrator and lead musician. If the performance is in a classroom, mics may not be necessary.
  • 4 straight-backed armless chairs for musicians
  • 4 music stands
  • Laptop with PowerPoint
  • LCD projector
  • Screen (or other surface to project images on)
  • Extension cord / wall outlet
  • Podium or music stand and chair for narrator
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