Charlotte Symphony just announced its Summer Pops concert schedule Apr 20, 2017

If you haven't yet noticed that summer is racing towards us, here's a sure sign: The Charlotte Symphony on Wednesday morning announced the schedule for its Summer Pops series, meaning it's time to [..] Read More

Carolina Impact features Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra Apr 18, 2017

WTVI/PBS Charlotte shines a spotlight on the Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra, conductor Ernest Pereira, and coach Lori Tiberio, as the students prepare to head to Carnegie Hall this summer.< [..] Read More

Read-a-roo Block Party Live with music activities at Northlake Mall Mar 11, 2017

Northlake Mall is hosting Read-a-roo's Block Party LIVE on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 [..] Read More

'Elijah' Captivates Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Audience Mar 4, 2017

Classical music with New Testament themes emphasizes love, forgiveness, transcendence, sacrifice. Jesus may end up on the cross, but he dies for our sins.

Classical music from the Old [..] Read More

Spring Arts Preview (featuring Andrea Mumm, principal harp) Feb 23, 2017

The orchestra is for everyone. But for the uninitiated, the experience can be intimidating. We break down three of the symphony's series [..] Read More

"Elijah": Why is this concert such a hard sell in Charlotte? Feb 21, 2017

In the mid-19th century, an orchestra that presented Felix Mendelssohn's "Elijah" would have lines at the box office. In England, it was the second hottest choral work after "Messiah." When Boston' [..] Read More

O’Connor Band brings a Grammy home to Charlotte Feb 13, 2017

The last nine months have been big ones for fiddlers Mark and Maggie O'Connor. They relocated to Charlotte, he became composer-in-residence at the [..] Read More

Charlotte Symphony brings world’s best-known pianist in 2017-18 season Feb 12, 2017

The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra's 2017-18 starts with Lang Lang and goes out with a bang in Mozart's "Jupiter" symphony. In between come Stravinsky ballets (with dancers!), a great elderly master [..] Read More

Symphony honors the Mo you probably don’t know Feb 10, 2017

When you say "Mozart," what adjectives come to mind? Serene? Elegant? Giddy? Precise? The great thing about him is that the exact opposite can be true, depending on what music you pick. He can be [..] Read More

Q&A: Comedian Colin Mochrie Talks The Second City Guide to the Symphony Feb 3, 2017

Orchestras and improv performers collide with The Second City Guide to the Symphony. The world-famous sketch comedy group Second City is responsible for the careers of Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, [..] Read More

1500 elementary schoolers in the same ‘orchestra?’ Must be Link Up. Jan 31, 2017

That shrill, joyful, high-pitched sound emanating from Belk Theater Thursday morning will be mistaken for no other: It's kids playing recorders. A lot of recorders. About 1500 of those little pipes [..] Read More

Students learn about the Holocaust through Arts program Jan 31, 2017

The music was so happy and lively it looked as if the clarinet Gene Kavadlo was playing would have twirled away had his hands not held it close, each finger pairing off with a key for its own [..] Read More

Charlotte Symphony CEO Mary Deissler Encourages Diversity in Sound and Audience Jan 27, 2017

If you visit the Charlotte Symphony this season, chances are you'll hear something...a little different. The Symphony's new President and CEO Mary Deissler is encouraging a diversity in the group's [..] Read More

Charlotte Symphony wraps two greats around a jazzy newcomer Jan 7, 2017

Every Charlotte Symphony Orchestra concert uptown involves a series of decisions. Do I want to spend the dough for a ticket or two? Will the pleasure I get from two hours of listening justify the [..] Read More

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