Board of Directors

The Charlotte Symphony's governing board includes 16 business and community leaders as elected directors and four ex-officio members representing the Charlotte Symphony Chorus, Charlotte Symphony musicians and the Symphony Guild of Charlotte. Elected directors may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.

2017-18 Officers

Chris Teat, Chairperson
Brian S. Cromwell, Esq., Immediate Past Chairperson
Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, Chairperson Elect
Mary A. Deissler, President & Chief Executive Officer

2017-18 Directors

Jalal John Azar
John Barquin
Barrie Benson  
Wilton Connor  
Linda McFarland Farthing
John Harris         
Reginald Henderson      
Jeffrey Lee
Raquel Lynch
Stacie McGinn
Ulrike W. Miles
Glenn Mincey
Kimberly C. Parker          
Paul A. Reichs   
*Mike Rutledge
*Robert Rydel
*Leonardo Soto
*Jay Tillman
James A. Young