Board of Directors

The Charlotte Symphony's governing board includes 16 business and community leaders as elected directors and four ex-officio members representing the Charlotte Symphony Chorus, Charlotte Symphony musicians and the Symphony Guild of Charlotte. Elected directors may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.

2017-18 Officers

Chris Teat, Chairperson
Brian S. Cromwell, Esq., Immediate Past Chairperson
Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, Chairperson Elect
Mary A. Deissler, President & Chief Executive Officer

2017-18 Directors

Barrie Benson   
Wilton Connor  
John Harris         
Reginald Henderson      
Jeffrey Lee
Raquel Lynch
Stacie McGinn
Ulrike W. Miles
Glenn Mincey
Kimberly C. Parker          
Paul A. Reichs   
*Mike Rutledge
*Robert Rydel
Jackie Slaugenhaupt
*Leonardo Soto
*Jay Tillman
James A. Young