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Charlotte Symphony’s Christopher James Lees Prepares Another Concert in Film For The Force Awakens

Mar 6, 2024

Ryan Pitkin, QC Nerve -- 

Anyone who's attended one of the dozen-plus films-in-concert events that Charlotte Symphony has put on in recent years as part of its Movie Series can tell you that there is no experience like it when it comes to watching one of your favorite flicks. 

With the symphony performing the scores of classic films live in sync as the pictures show on a 15-by-35-foot screen, as will be the case during Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Concert at Belk Theater on March 15-16, it's likely to surpass any moviegoing memory you may have. 

For resident conductor Christopher James Lees, that's because the mix of platforms creates a unique perspective one can't find elsewhere.

"Part of the genius of these movie concerts is the fact that the recorded performance of the actors and the Foley artists and the script writers, all the elements of the film, they're all on record, they are static, they will always be the same performance," Lees told Queen City Nerve. "And when you put a live performance component to it, in terms of the musicians, I think it makes the recorded performance, the archive, the collected performance, that much more exhilarating. 

"We are not recorded," he continued. "We are very much creating the experience in the moment. And that dichotomy is also unique to this format. It's a singularly remarkable and unparalleled experience to have as a viewer." 

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