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Orchestral and Acrobatic Feats of the Charlotte Symphony and the Cirque de Noel

Dec 29, 2021

By Michelle Medina-Villalon, CVNC--

As we prepare to ring in the New Year, there is still a lingering holiday cheer in the air. For those who would like to continue the festivities before the dullness of January strikes, the Charlotte Symphony has the perfect evening in store for you. They have partnered with the Cirque de Noel in order to combine both feats of music and body in one marvelous show. Playing pieces from The Nutcracker and classics like "Sleigh Ride," the CSO manages to combine musical excellence with songs everyone knows and loves. Their playing provided an alluring stage for the cirque performers to mesmerize with their graceful, impressive, and sometimes silly, tricks.

The visual collaboration of the Cirque and CSO was brought together by the subtle lighting of the performance. As audiences arrived, the organ facade lining the rear wall of the Belk Theater glowed in festive red and green. Throughout the night, the lighting on the rear wall would set the mood for the upcoming piece. The partnership between these two art forms felt natural as the audience watched. The bright colors and vivid movement of the Cirque performers combined with the Orchestra's concert blacks and skillful playing felt incredibly cohesive, much like a concert version of a musical.

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