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What it's like to be back at the theater

May 15, 2021

by Cristina Bolling, The Charlotte Ledger 

Excitement in the air at Charlotte's first major post-Covid symphony concert Friday: smaller crowd, shorter show ... but a feast for the senses

You didn't have to be a classical music buff to feel the excitement Friday night as audience members trickled into the Belk Theater for the Charlotte Symphony's first major concert post-Covid.

Ticket-scanning staff chirped "Welcome back!" as patrons smiled under their masks and went in to find their seats, spread out thinly in the expansive theater.

The arrival experience felt like a mixture of dream sequence and déjà vu, and it wasn't until the musicians played their A notes to tune their instruments that it finally felt real -- one more facet of life as we know it had advanced on the approach path to normal.

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