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A Taste of Mozart and Haydn from the Charlotte Symphony

May 8, 2021

By Andrea McKerlie Luke

The Charlotte Symphony's latest installment of its Classical Series: Reimagined was a pleasant, bite-sized concert featuring no more than forty minutes of accessible classical orchestral works. Director Christopher Warren-Green led the masked and distanced players in an elegant interpretation of two charming works full of flair and personality, polished and professional in its digitally live-streamed format.

Mozart's Divertimento in F, K.138, composed by a sixteen-year-old boy just back from an eventful trip to Italy around 1772, is crisp and charming. The work is regarded as more of a miniature symphony than the name suggests: divertimenti at the time tended to be festive, cheerful, and generally less complex pieces played as background at social events, rather than concert pieces. This performance honored these contrasts with engaging, cheerful melodies treated with elegant restraint.

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