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Spring Arts Preview (featuring Andrea Mumm, principal harp)

Feb 23, 2017

The orchestra is for everyone. But for the uninitiated, the experience can be intimidating. We break down three of the symphony's series in the style of a restaurant menu. Whether you're looking for a simple introduction or you're a veteran attendee, there's something for any appetite.

The Acquired Taste (for those with the more refined palate) 
Classical series
The Standards (for those with a taste for the familiar) 
Pops series
Kids' Menu (for, well, kids) 
Lollipops series 
Mendelssohn Elijah 
Belk Theater
March 3-4 
The Beatles: Classical Mystery Tour 
Belk Theater
March 18  
Peter and the Wolf 
Knight Theater 
 April 1
Dvorak Symphony No. 7 
Belk Theater 
March 24-25 
Great American Songbook with Storm Large 
Knight Theater 
March 31-April 1
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 1 
Belk Theater
April 7-8 
Pixar in Concert
Belk Theater
May 6  
Mahler Symphony No. 2 
Belk Theater
May 12-13


On The Cover: Andrea Mumm

‚ÄčANDREA MUMM REMEMBERS admiring the harp from behind the stage as a child. Her parents, Craig and Mary Ann Mumm--a  violist and violinist, respectively--practiced with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City. She eventually became one of the premier players of the instrument. After performing with groups across the world, she arrived as the principal harpist for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra five years ago. The self-described "Jersey girl" was surprised to find a thriving symphony scene here. And she also found love: She met Michael Trammell, one of the singers in the Charlotte Symphony Chorus and her soon-to-be-husband. The pair will be married in April.
A month later, Mumm's most anticipated symphony program of the season arrives. The Classical series show "Mahler Symphony No. 2" ( May 12-13 at Belk Theater) features Mumm on first harp and Sophie Baird-Daniel, one of Mumm's bridesmaids, on second harp. The harp is typically a solitary instrument, so Mumm says she's excited to "finally have a cohort" with the program's central piece. Just performing a Mahler piece on its own gets Mumm excited. "Mahler just gives you all the range of emotions," she says. "He moves through anger, sadness, and joy in just one piece."

By Andy Smith, Charlotte magazine