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Lunch Arrangements, Charlotte Symphony opens a season of Brown Bag Matinees

Mar 16, 2014

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Music Director Christopher Warren-Green spent some time last year speaking to different groups around Charlotte and asking them what they wanted from their symphony. One of the most popular answers surprised him.

"It was amazing how many people came back with, 'We'd love to have matinees,' " Warren-Green says. "To actually be able to have a break at lunchtime and let music wash over them was a perfect idea."

But lunchtime is for lunch. So instead of making Charlotteans choose between eating and an early matinee, Warren-Green invented the Brown Bag Matinee, a program in which people can bring food and drink inside the theater. "All I want to do is make the make music as accessible as it possibly can be for as many people as we possibly can," Warren-Green says. "That's really where it came about. This is a way of getting the music to people on their terms."

After a soft launch in October, the symphony is kicking off the 2014 series of lunchtime shows with a noon show on March 28, Charlotte Symphony KnightSounds: "A Little Knight Music." The rustling of brown bags inside the Knight Theater will be accompanied by music selections that will include Haydn's "Farewell" symphony and Mozart's "A Little Night Music." Tickets are $12.

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