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Music and The Holocaust

The Charlotte Symphony presents a 45-minute themed, narrated program to students, performing music of significance during this period in history. Through the music of its era, students will learn about Jewish culture and the horrors of the Holocaust.

The repertoire features a mix of traditional Jewish music; forbidden music considered "degenerate" by the Nazis; music composed in the concentration camps; and music that evokes survival and healing after the Holocaust.

Each concert includes narration and projected images that explore pre-World War II Jewish culture; the Third Reich's attempt to control art and culture; the role of music and musicians in the concentration camps; and how the European Jewish community refused to be silenced and persevered after the war.

Space/technical Requirements:

  • 2 microphones. If the performance is in a classroom mics are not necessary.
  • 4 straight-backed armless chairs
  • 5 music stands (or 4 music stands + 1 podium)
  • LCD Projector
  • Screen (or other surface to project images on)
  • Extension cord / wall outlet

Scheduling: During registration please provide three or more potential dates/times to hold the program. We will do our best to honor your request. Performances should start no later than 9am and end no later than 2pm.

Cost: $900 per performance

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