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The Charlotte Symphony is committed to supporting music education in our local schools. Our Instruments for Kids donation program is one way we help fill the needs of band and orchestra programs within the community.

Donate an Instrument

The need is critical, and donating is simple. Instrument donations can be made directly at the office, located at First Citizens Bank Plaza, 128 S. Tryon St., Ste. 350, during regular business hours. Donors are responsible for assigning a value to the instrument for tax deduction purposes.

To donate an instrument, contact csyo@charlottesymphony.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of instrument should I donate?
    • Instruments for Kids is currently accepting donation of all traditional band and orchestra instruments.
  • What types of instruments are not applicable for donation?
    • Because this program will address the needs of local school winds and strings programs, we do not accept electric keyboards, guitars, electric basses, or drum sets. We also are unable to accept large instruments that require special transportation (such as pianos). However, if you have a set of timpani you are willing to part with, don't hesitate to contact us! We do accept non-orchestral band instruments such as saxophones and euphoniums.
  • Can I donate a piano?
    • We are not able to accept pianos.
  • Where can I donate an instrument?
    • Drop it off at any concert or at the Symphony office during business hours, located at First Citizens Bank Plaza 128 S. Tryon St., Ste. 350.
  • Are tax deductions available?
    • Yes. You are responsible for assigning a value to the instrument by getting an appraisal. You will receive an official receipt of the donation from the Symphony.
  • How will my instrument be used?
    • Instruments will be used for students in our Project Harmony program or donated to local school music programs with need.
  • I haven't used my trumpet in twenty years; can I still donate it?
    • Yes. Even instruments in need of some repairs will be accepted. We will ensure instruments are repaired and in good working order prior to disseminating.
  • What size instrument can I donate? 
    • All sizes of orchestral instruments will be accepted as long as they don't require special transportation.
  • May I designate my donated instrument to a specific program? 
    • Once an instrument is donated, the Charlotte Symphony reserves the right to designate the instrument to the program with the greatest current need.
  • When can I see my donated instrument in action?
    • Most of our education events are open to the public; you can find information about these events on our website, through our social media channels, or by contacting our Education Department directly.