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Prelude Ensemble

Grades: K-12
Duration: 1 hour

Bring the CSO into your school with a special musical performance! These interactive small ensemble shows support North Carolina Standard's for Music Education and serve as an introduction for students to the instruments of the orchestra.


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Program Information

Prelude Ensemble shows are 45 minutes in length with fees determined by the size of the ensemble and number of shows. We are able to offer a discount on back-to-back performances as long as both shows start and finish within two hours of the scheduled start time of the first show.
Mixed Trio - $450 single | $650 for a back-to-back performance
String Quartet - $575 single | $800 for back-to-back performances
Brass Quintet - $700 single | $950 back-to-back performance

*Schools outside of Mecklenburg County are subject to additional travel costs

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Technical Requirements

We request that the following equipment be provided by the school for each performance. Please let us know if there are items you are unable to provide. This will not affect your ability to book a performance.
  • 1 straight-backed armless chair per musician
  • 1 music stand per musician
  • 1 microphone- if the performance is in a classroom a microphone will not be necessary.
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Additional Information

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