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MERGE: Symphonic x Electronic

By Producer and DJ Liam Collins, known by his stage name Push/Pull

In the heart of an ever-evolving musical landscape, a remarkable fusion is taking place, one that bridges centuries of tradition with the forefront of technological innovation. On May 10 & 11, the Blackbox Theater will become the stage for an unprecedented event that promises to redefine the boundaries of sound and sensory experience.

This event, featuring a live performance by Push/Pull alongside the Charlotte Symphony, is not just a concert; it's a groundbreaking endeavor that merges classical music's rich heritage with the boundless possibilities of electronic music. The collaboration goes beyond mere performance, incorporating visual artistry by Tenorless to create a full sensory experience, unlike anything previously witnessed.

Liam Collins, Push/Pull

At its core, this fusion centers on harmony -- the beautiful synergy of multiple notes working together. Classical music has long explored the depths of tonal harmony, pushing the capabilities of human performance and physical instruments to their limits. In contrast, electronic music, with its precise control over timbres and rhythms, offers creative possibilities that transcend the constraints of traditional instrumentation.

Yet, for all its technological prowess, electronic music can sometimes miss the organic feel and virtuosity that give classical compositions their soul-stirring power. It's a reminder of our human potential and the profound emotional depth that music can reach. After all, classical music is not just a genre but a pinnacle of human artistic achievement, cultivated through centuries of dedicated exploration and mastery.


However, when these two worlds -- classical and electronic -- come together, they remind us that at their heart, both are simply tools in the hands of artists. Instruments and computers alike sit silently until brought to life by human creativity and passion. This event celebrates the merging of classical music's tradition, virtuosity, and composition with the expansive new sound design possibilities that electronic music provides.

As we look forward to this unique blend of past and future, tradition and innovation, we're reminded of the limitless potential of music to evolve and inspire. Join us at the Blackbox Theater on May 10 & 11 for an experience that promises to merge genres and transcend them, creating a moment in time where the essence of musical exploration is celebrated.

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