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We're joining the musical world in celebrating 250 years since the birth of the wild-haired, cantankerous, and utterly brilliant composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Born in 1770, Beethoven's music continues to inspire and enrich the lives of people all over the globe. Join us in celebrating Beethoven today!

Birthday Wishes to Ludwig

From Music Director Christopher Warren-Green:

From Resident Conductor Christopher James Lees:


CSO Musicians Play Beloved Works

Rhodora Trio (Amy Orsinger Whitehead, flute; Hollis Ulaky, oboe; Sam Sparrow, clarinet) play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"
Cellist Jeremy Lamb plays his "favorite moment from  Beethoven's cello music: the slow variation from the Bei Männern Variations."
Principal Bassoonist Olivia Oh & Principal Clarinetist Taylor Marino play Beethoven's Three Duets for Clarinet & Bassoon, No. 1 (I. Allegro comodo)

A Symphony A Part

On April 17, 2020 at 3 pm, members of the Charlotte Symphony played Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony from wherever they were sheltering in place. Without seeing or hearing one another, each musician played their part, held space for their colleagues, and trusted that they were connected by the wholeness of the score.

Beethoven Broadcasts


More Ways to Celebrate Beethoven With Your CSO