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Gabe Slesinger

Gabe Slesinger

On Stage

A past winner of the National Trumpet Competition, Gabriel Slesinger was appointed Third/Associate Principal Trumpet of the Charlotte Symphony in 2019 by Christopher Warren-Green. Gabriel has performed with a variety of leading ensembles, including the symphony orchestras of Atlanta, Houston, Utah, and DC (National). He has also performed as guest Principal Trumpeter with the Charleston Symphony and served for two summers as Principal Trumpeter of the Bravo! Big Sky Music Festival, in Montana. His earliest teachers were Josh Keller, David Levin, and Pat Whitehead. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Rice University, where he was a student of Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer. Gabriel also has a growing number of acting credits, including an upcoming nationally released Christmas film, a lead role in the short film Net Gains (part of Charlotte’s 2023 48 Hour Film Project), and local advertisements. He has taken classes at the Charlotte Film Actors’ Studio.

Off Stage

How were you introduced to music and the trumpet? 
My parents both value music and it was important to them that my siblings and I all learn instruments. My two older sisters played the piano and my older brother played the violin. My earliest musical memories are of hearing them practice every day, overhearing their lessons and recitals, and listening to the classical station on every car ride. As the youngest, I think I picked the trumpet because I wanted my instrument to be louder than theirs. My parents are fans of Louis Armstrong and Herb Alpert, so I had a little bit of awareness of these great trumpet players before starting. 

What do you enjoy about living and working in Charlotte?
I really like the people in this orchestra. There is a very high level of playing here, but it's also like a family. The musicians here really stretch themselves and take risks in concerts. I love closing my eyes during a rest in a concert and pretending I'm an audience member, and I can't wait to be onstage again. The first concert back is going to be absolutely electric. I'm happy to live in a city where people value live music. The Charlotte Symphony has a wonderfully supportive audience. 

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can name all the US presidents in less than 10 seconds.