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Gabe Slesinger

Gabe Slesinger

On Stage

At the end of second grade, Gabriel’s parents urged him to follow in his older siblings’
footsteps and begin taking music lessons. He chose the trumpet, and a few days later his
mother brought home a rented student-model Yamaha. Gabriel will never forget the initial
sensations of picking it up for the first time - the sparkle of the lacquer, the buttery action of
the valves, and the aroma of the oil.

His initial enthusiasm for the trumpet lasted for about a month, at which point he decided to
quit in order to pursue the dual career path of pro hockey player and video game tester. But his
parents imposed two hard rules: first, no quitting before he turned age 16, and second, daily
practice. Perhaps this was because of their own failed musical experience: Gabriel’s father
played trumpet for three years in the 1960’s before his teacher, a member of the Pittsburgh
Symphony, told him he’d be better off quitting, and his mother had a short-lived and unhappy
exposure to the accordion.

So Gabriel stuck with it, and the summer before entering high school attended a summer brass
camp run by the Maryland-based Monumental Brass Quintet. There, he began practicing and
listening to trumpet for hours each day, and soon realized that he wanted to play professionally.

In 2016, Gabriel received a Bachelor’s Degree in trumpet performance from Rice University and
has since performed with a variety of leading ensembles, including the orchestras of Atlanta,
Washington, DC (National Symphony), Houston, Richmond, and Utah, plus the Mercury
Chamber Orchestra. He continues to perform in the summer as principal trumpet with Bravo!
Big Sky Music Festival, in Big Sky, Montana.

Gabriel’s parents have been endlessly supportive of his career in music, encouraging him to
study with many great teachers, including Josh Keller, David Levin, and Pat Whitehead. At
Rice, he was a student of Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer, and he has recently studied
extensively with Martin Angerer.

Gabriel likes to cook and eat delicious food, follow but not partake in high fashion, play pickup
basketball without rebounding, and produce his own dance beats. He has made one DJ
appearance. He can name all the presidents by last name in under ten seconds, and he can
occasionally hang a picture. Before joining the Charlotte Symphony in 2020, Gabe spent two
years living in the beautiful state of Utah, where he rappelled into a handful of slot canyons,
skied a bit, and revived a 40-year-old Honda Enduro motorcycle.