Plan Your Experience

The concert hall buzzes with energy as the audience files in. The concertmaster acknowledges his applause as he leads the orchestra in the unmistakable sounds of the orchestra tuning to a unison A. The lights dim. The conductor takes the podium. And with the moving sounds of the first notes, your Charlotte Symphony journey begins.

Performing all across the Charlotte region, your Charlotte Symphony presents a variety of concert series featuring classical masterworks, popular music favorites, family entertainment, and special events, all at Blumenthal Performing Arts theaters. Other venues include senior care centers, sanctuaries, breweries, and Symphony Park at SouthPark Mall.
We encourage you to share your email address with us, as we send a welcome email with helpful information and alerts several days before the performance.

Below is some helpful information so you'll know what to expect from a Charlotte Symphony experience.

Venue Information

As a resident company of Blumenthal Performing Arts, the Charlotte Symphony performs at both Belk Theater and Knight Theater.

Theater box offices open two hours prior to the performance, and theaters open doors one-half hour before each performance. Arrive early and indulge in one of many uptown restaurants or wine bars prior to the performance. Full bar, beverages, and snacks are available for your enjoyment both pre-concert and during intermission.

Belk Theater - 130 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202  

Knight Theater
- 430 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202

Detailed parking information for Belk and Knight theaters can be found below.

Belk Theater
Knight Theater

To view preferred $5 parking options, please visit Blumenthal's parking page.

Accessible seating for patrons using wheelchairs and walkers is available in all areas of Blumenthal Performing Arts theaters. We strongly suggest to consult with our Ticket Services Office to determine your best and most accessible seating options. To walk through your options, please contact us at 704-972-2000.

Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are not allowed at Charlotte Symphony concerts.

When should I arrive?
In most cases, performances begin at 7:30 p.m. We suggest you arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the concert starts in order to find your seat, read the program, and watch the musicians as they take the stage to warm up. Musiciand have 30 minutes prior to a performance to warm up on stage.

Ticketholders who come late will not be seated in the hall until after the conclusion of the first work on the program or as determined by the Symphony that evening. Concertgoers who must leave the hall before or during a piece will not be reseated until after that piece has concluded, at the next natural break in the performance.

Smoking is not permitted in any Blumenthal Performing Arts theater.

Alcoholic beverages, coffee, soft drinks, bottles of water, and snacks are available before each performance and during intermission. Refreshments are allowed inside the hall unless otherwise noted. Outside food and beverages are not permitted.

Skp the lines! Download the Blumenthal mobile app to preorder your drinks and have them waiting for you at intermission.

In Case of Emergency
Please proceed to the closest door marked with a lighted Exit sign. Blumenthal ushers on duty will direct you to the closest and safest building exits. It is imperative that you listen to and comply with announed instructions.

Other Helpful Information

What exactly is a symphony orchestra?
An orchestra is made up of four sections: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Instruments found in each include the following:

Strings: violin, viola, cello, bass
Woodwinds: flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, English horn
Brass: trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba
Percussion: timpani, harp, xylophone

Are the musicians full-time?
Yes! Charlotte Symphony musicians are employed on a full-time basis and rehearse and perform during the regular season (September to May). Summer season includes performances at Symphony Park in June and for July 4.

When do I applaud?
You'll notice that audience members applaud for two reasons. First, to welcome the concertmaster (violinist who sits in the first chair of the first row). Applause is also used to welcome the conductor for the evening, after tuning. Soloists join the conductor, so you may applaud to welcome them as well. Applause is not nessary until the end of each piece of music. Longer works, like full symphonies, are composed of several movements, separated by a pause. The audience does not applaud between movements.

Can I use my cell phone or camera?
We request that you turn off your cell phones--or anything that beeps--before the performance begins. Please also check your devices to ensure they are tunred off prior to the second half of hte performance. Please keep in mind that talking, whispering, rustling pages of programs, and unwrapping candy, can be distracting to the musicians and can negatively affect the audience's enjoyment. Please be respectful of those around you. Flash photographer and video of any kind is prohibited unless you are a member of the media with prior approval.