Link Up: The Orchestra Rocks

Grades: 3-5
Duration: 1 hour
Tuesday, March 31 at 10 a.m. & 11:20 a.m.
Belk Theater | 130 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC

Link Up is a partnership between the CSO and Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute to provide interactive and curriculum-based symphonic educational concerts. Participating teachers are provided free curricular materials from Carnegie Hall to prepare students for the culminating concert experience at Belk Theater. At the concert students sing, play recorder, and move along with the Charlotte Symphony.


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Each teacher, student and chaperone will need a ticket, tickets are $8.00 per individual.*
Qualifying Title 1 schools receive a discounted rate of $6.00 per individual

* It is recommended that one chaperone attend per every 10 students

Payment instruction will be sent via email after receipt of your reservation application. To guarantee your reservation, payment in full must be made no later than Friday, March 13, 2020. This deadline does not apply if you booked through ASC School Funding.

Professional Development Workshop:
We strongly encourage all Link Up Teachers to attend our PD Workshop on October 12th, 2019 from 10 a.m to 1 p.m at University Park Creative Arts School (2400 Hildebrand St. Charlotte, NC 28216). This workshop will be led by Crystal Briley, Link Up Teaching Artist and CMS Music Teacher. At the workshop you will delve into The Orchestra Rocks theme by discussing the repertoire, how to teach the curriculum, Carnegie's wealth of online resources, and what to expect on concert day. All participating teachers will receive a certificate of completion that can be used towards CEU credits.

Materials and Going Green:
In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and save on the amount of paper expended, Carnegie encourages teachers to utilize the digital versions of both the Student and Teachers Guide. They do however understand the value of printed materials and that this transition to digital-only is not always easy. This year Carnegie is offering each Link Up teacher a classroom set of 40 student books and 1 teacher guide. 

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