Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestras Auditions

Fall Auditions
Tuesday August 21 & 22, 2018  5:00-9:00 PM
Northwest School of the Arts
1415 Beatties Ford Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28216



  • Sight reading
  • Solo of your choice showing your abilities and range. Please bring a copy of your solo for the judges. 
*Violins see below for additional requirements on the choosing of your solo*


Winds and Brass
Major scales of one or two octaves (two octaves preferred) from the following: C, Bb, F, Eb, G, D, A, and a chromatic scale.

A solo of your choice with a difficulty rating equivalent to Suzuki book 4 or above. 
Scales: Two octaves required (three octaves preferred). G, A, Bb, D, F Major and d melodic minor. Scales are to be performed with a minimum of 2 notes slurred per bow.

Major scales, 2 octaves: C, D, Eb, G. Minor scales: C and D melodic minor.  All scales- minimum of two notes per bow.

Scales, 3 octaves: Eb and D Major; 2 octaves: Bb Major and d melodic minor.

Major scales, 2 octaves: E, F, G.

All percussion audition candidates must pick a solo of your choice on EITHER a mallet keyboard instrument, snare drum or timpani, showing your best abilities. Sight reading will also be given on that particular instrument.

In addition, each person is REQUIRED to perform on all of the following:

Snare Drum
Rudimental Roll, Orchestral Roll, Flams, Paradiddles.

Mallet Instruments 
2 Octave Major Scales & Arpeggios: C, F, Bb, Eb, G, & D. Plus, Chromatic Scale, 2 Octaves.

Long Roll, ppp to fff. Interval tuning to 4ths, 5ths and 3rds.

All major scales and arpeggios.



  • All major scales and arpeggios, minimum of two octaves
  • Required solo no substitutions accepted
  • Required orchestral excerpts
  • Sight reading
If you play and have access to a piccolo, English horn, or bass clarinet and would like to be considered for these positions you must prepare a short selection of your choice for your audition.  Required orchestral excerpts links can be found below.

Three octave chromatic scale from low C 
Required solo:  J. S. Bach Sonate No. 2 in E flat Major for Flute and Piano, BWV 1031 mvmt. I: mm. 36-54; mvmt. II: beginning - m. 22; mvmt. III: beginning through m. 61
Flute Orchestral excerpts: bracketed parts in Menuet from Bizet's L'Arl├ęsienne Suite No. 2

Chromatic scale from low C to high E-flat (three ledger lines above staff)
Required solo:  Tomaso Albinoni Concerto in D minor, op. 9, no. 2 for oboe and piano mvmt. I: mm. 34-52 and 59-80 inclusive; mvmt. II: mm. 17-41.
Oboe orchestral excerpts:  bracketed parts from Beethoven's Symphony #3 Eroica 

Chromatic scale from low E to high G (four ledger lines above staff)
Required solo:  C. M. von Weber Concertino for Clarinet, op. 26 (clarinet and piano reduction) mm. 10-53 inclusive and 96-111 inclusive 
Clarinet orchestral excerpts:  bracketed 1st clarinet excerpts from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream

Three octave chromatic scale from low B-flat
Required solo:  W. A. Mozart Concerto in B-flat Major, K. 191 for bassoon and piano mvmt. II: mm. 7-20 inclusive; mvmt. III: mm. 21-51 and mm. 107-138 
Bassoon orchestral excerpts:  bracketed soli parts from Paul Dukas' L'Apprenti Sorcier (Sorcerer's Apprentice)


  • All major scales and chromatic scale of applicant's choice
  • Required solo- no substitutions accepted
  • Required orchestral excerpts
Solo -Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert, mvt 1 opening theme through and including the triplet variation section.

Excerpts to be prepared:
John Williams, Cowboys Overture
Richard Strauss, Ein Heldenleben

Solo -Haydn Concerto for trumpet in E-flat mvt. 1 Exposition only (mm. 37 -mm 83)

Excerpts to be prepared:
Rachmaninoff, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Var. #14
Mussorgsky/Ravel Pictures at an Exhibition, Opening Promenade

Solo -Bach Cello Suite #2 (transcription) Prelude (mvt 1)

Excerpts to be prepared:
Paul HIndemith - Symphonic Metamorphosis, mvt. 2
Hector Berlioz - The Damnation of Faust, Op. 24, Rakoczy March

Solo -Barat -Introduction and Dance. DANCE ONLY

Excerpts to be prepared:
Wagner - Die Meistersinger Overture, mm. 156-188
Mussorgsky/Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition, mvt. 4


All instruments: Sight reading.

3 octave scales: G, A, B flat, D and F majors. G, A and D melodic minors.  Scales will be rated on intonation, tone quality and tempo. A minimum of 4 notes per bow is required.
A solo of your choice with a difficulty rating of at least the Bach A minor or Mozart G major Concertos.

Excerpts to be prepared: Violin Excerpts

3 octave scales: C,D,E, Eb, F, G, A, and their relative melodic minor; Hoffmeister Viola concerto or any movement from the Bach cello suite for Viola, or piece of  equivalent technical proficiency.
Excerpts to be prepared: Viola Excerpts

3 octave scales: C, D, Eb, F, G, C melodic minor, D melodic minor; A solo piece of your choice, displaying your highest level of ability (concerto exposition or Bach suite, movement suggested, but not required.) 
Excerpts to be prepared: Cello excerpts

2 octaves C major (into thumb position) and g harmonic minor. Solo choices (pick one):
Marcello - Sonata #2 in e minor/2nd movement
Vivaldi - Sonata #1 in Bb/ 4th movement
Simandl - Etude #17 from 30 Etudes
Excerpts to be prepared: Bass excerpts

All major scales and arpeggios
Excerpt to be prepared: Tchaikovsky "Waltz of the Flowers" cadenza from Nutcracker
Solo work of your choice.

Prepare the following according to your current grade level.

Prepare either the 9/10 or 11/12 rudiment requirements from the NC All-State Band list:


Prepare either the 9/10 or 11/12 snare, mallet and timpani solos from the NC All State band solo list for 2017-2018: