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5 Exciting holiday experiences with your CSO this season

The Holidays are just around the corner, which means the return of time-honored traditions and the making of new ones. From acrobatics above the orchestra to snow in the theater, check out these five exciting experiences that you can have, only with your CSO. 

1. Snow in the Knight Theater

You may already be familiar with the CSO's annual Magic of Christmas, but did you know that it snows in the theater following the concert? Featuring a visit from Santa, audience sing-alongs and your favorite holiday music, this longstanding Charlotte tradition combines this year with Carolina Voices' The Singing Christmas Tree December 13-21.

2. Acrobatics above the orchestra

When the circus comes to town, they don't mess around. Cirque de Noel on December 28 at Belk Theater will include stunning aerial feats that will wow the whole family.

3. Dancing on stage for New Year's Eve

The party has moved to the Belk Theater this year to accommodate more room for the post-concert festivities. Swing into the New Year with style with Gershwin's famous Rhapsody in Blue, followed by champagne, desserts, a live jazz band, and a countdown to midnight. 

4. Halleluja!

Handel's Messiah returns this year by popular demand. The CSO will perform this beautiful, dramatic work featuring the Hallelujah Chorus with the Charlotte Master Chorale and four soloists on December 6 & 7 at Knight Theater. 

5. Watch Kevin get left Home Alone

Part of the CSO's Movie Series, the orchestra will perform the soundtrack to this delightful holiday classic live in sync with the film projected on a large screen above orchestra. Don't miss it on November 29 at Belk Theater. Read more

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Father and daughter share the stage at Stars, Stripes and Sousa

Violinist Jenny Topilow has a special connection to our upcoming Stars, Stripes and Sousa concert on Nov. 15 & 16: her father is the guest conductor! Find out in our interview below what it's like for Jenny to see her dad on the podium, and how Carl Topilow creates his patriotic clarinet for this concert. 

Jenny, what's it like to have your father on the podium as your conductor? Have you worked together like this before?
JT: My Dad was my primary conductor when I was 18-22 years old. During that time, I wouldn't say we "worked" together as much as I was a student learning from him as a teacher, which he's great at. He did give me a B in conducting class [at the Cleveland Institute of Music], though (he was probably being generous!). 

Since becoming a member of the Charlotte Symphony, I have worked with my Dad many times. Often it's just us playing duets (with him on the clarinet), but also in [an orchestral setting] a few times, too. 

I'm very proud of my dad and his amazing career, and it is special when he is on the podium, but he's very cognizant about not treating me any differently when we are in a professional setting. Maybe he'll point out that I'm his kid and he's excited to have me in the band, but then it's down to business. As he says "I've worked with hundreds of violinists, and you're definitely one of them."

Carl and Jenny, what inspired you to choose a career in music?
CT: My love of music and my desire to pass this passion on to other people as teacher and performer was my inspiration to make this a full-time profession.

JT: I started violin at age three after seeing Itzhak Perlman on Sesame Street (a surprisingly common story!). It's been simply amazing to share the stage with him recently.

My dad being a conductor and my mom being a ballet dancer, they basically had the 16th sized violin waiting for me in the closet. I was pretty talented and practiced pretty diligently, but as a professional musician and a teacher at a conservatory, my dad knows just how hard it is to have a successful career in music, and never pushed me to go into it. He didn't exactly stand in my way, but he made sure I knew how competitive it is. 

When I won my job with the CSO, he was the first person I called and he was the one person who cried happy tears with me, because he really understands how rare it is to win a job and how hard musicians work to prepare for auditions.

Is anyone else in your family musical?
CT: My brother, Arthur, is an excellent jazz pianist. He's also a much-respected hematologist/oncologist.  My younger daughter Emily enjoyed performing as violinist with her college orchestra for 4 years and is now playing with a community orchestra in Cleveland. I recently appeared as guest conductor with that orchestra, and it was very rewarding to perform together!

JT: Like my dad said, my Uncle is a fantastic jazz pianist and my little sister plays the violin. My mom was a ballet dancer with Joffrey and the Metropolitan Opera in NYC before I was born and is a great lover of classical music (especially opera), and my stepmom, Shirley, is a professional tap dancer and also started the Cleveland Pops.

Carl, this kind of patriotic concert is one of your specialties. How did that come to be?
CT: These concerts do so much to instill a sense of pride and privilege to be living in the United States. There are many portions of the concert that are very moving, but I strive to create a balance of solemn and upbeat selections. It's always great to observe the reaction of the audience when they are touched by particular piece.

We hear you have a very patriotic clarinet... What's the story behind that?
CT: I have red, white, blue, and green clarinets, and can assemble parts of each to come up with multicolored clarinets. I always play the piccolo obbligato to the Stars and Stripes along with the orchestra piccolo players on a red, white, and blue clarinet.
See Jenny and Carl on stage together at Stars, Stripes and Sousa, November 15 & 16 at Knight Theater. Read more

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Lions, mermaids and… bassoons?

Originally Posted: January 2012

Happy New Year, CSO fans! This weekend ushers in the first Charlotte Symphony concert of 2012, with "Disney In Concert: Magical Music from the Movies." This show will feature famous Disney songs from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King, among others. Four talented vocalists will perform with the CSO, backed by original storyboard artwork and Disney-produced visuals.

We sat down with the dynamic singers Andrew Johnson and Candice Nichole to get the inside scoop on Disney princesses, how they made it to the top, and wha treally goes on backstage.

How long have you been singing and performing?
Candice Nichole.: My parents always exposed me to music and theatre when I was a little girl, but it wasn't until I was about 7 or 8 years old when I really began singing and got involved in community theatre.  From there, I began training vocally at the age of 9 and started working professionally for Disney at the age of 11.  At 13, I was invited by Maestro Barry Jekowsky to be the guest artist with the California Symphony and from that moment on, I knew for sure that this was my path and what I wanted to do with my life.  
Tell us about your role within the production.
C.N.: As the soprano of the two female singers in "Disney in Concert" I really love the material I get to sing in this show.  I have always loved the music from The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast  As a child I used to wrap a towel around my legs and sing "Part of Your World" pretending that I was Ariel, so it's really fun to get to sing these classic Disney songs in such a fabulous show as an adult now.  
What do you love most about the show?
Andrew Johnson.: I love being on stage with my fellow cast members all at the same time. We have such a blast!
C.N.: What I love most about this show is the reactions we get from the audiences we perform for.  There is such a love for these Disney classics not only from young children, but all ages.  For those of us who grew up watching these Disney movies or whose children or grandchildren did, it's very nostalgic and a real walk down memory lane for them as they watch the show.  For the children of this generation who are still watching these Disney movies because they are so timeless, it's magical for them.  It's also such a fabulous way to introduce young children to Symphony music because it's music they can relate to.  I think it's so wonderful that the show appeals to all ages. Ted Ricketts and his wife Sherilyn Draper (Show Director) did such a fantastic job of weaving all these classic songs together in such a beautiful way.  
We all have our favorite Disney characters and princesses- who's yours?
 A.J. My favorite character is Ursula, because she's the most unique! Who ever thought of a evil octopus witch?!?
C.N.: I have to say, Ariel and Belle are my absolute favorites!  I've loved them ever since I was a little girl, and I'm not just saying that because I get to sing their songs in this show!  I have always identified with their passion and strong-willed determination.  
Give us the real deal: what really goes on backstage? Got any fun stories?
A.J.: Backstage is a lot of prep for the show with lots of laughter. We don't see each other everyday so we catch up a lot. Sometimes it involves jokes and YouTube videos! Of course, there are lots of vocal warm ups too.
 C.N.: Well....that would spoil all the magic, wouldn't it?  
What one piece of advice would you give to young singers who want to make it?
A.J.: Always continue molding your craft. There's always room to be better and for the best foundation of singing and performing, study performers from previous will find all the skills needed for a successful and long career!
C.N.: I would say to any young aspiring singer/performer to train hard at your craft and keep on training even after you're busy performing.  It's important to constantly be working on your instrument and craft and always working at being the best you can be.  Also, perseverance is key.  If you really want to make it in this business, you have to be willing to never give up. 
The Disney In Concert performances are this Saturday, January 7 at 2:30 and 8 p.m. Hear more from these amazing talents and experience the magic of Disney that can infuse kids of all ages.
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